Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend update

So our babies are now 6 weeks old. Things are getting easier... a little anyway. We took Trent to see the movie 'Up' over the weekend. We had a 'Trent only' day yesterday. My mom watched the babies and off we went. He loved all the uninterrupted attention he got from the both of us and it felt great to give that to him. He has been such an understanding big brother. Very proud of him =)
P.S. I officially love having a little girl. Some of you may know I always wanted all boys. Always felt like I was a mom of boys and was very fearful of what the ultrasound would tell us with the twins. Now I can't get enough of little Tatum. I love trying to get bows to stick in her hair (what she has left anyway)..and I can't wait to buy her some of the cute clothes I've been looking at.


  1. Your babies are so cute! You make having twins look easy!

  2. Oh my gosh they're sooo cute. Look at them growing and getting bigger. I'm sure that day with Trent was much needed. Glad you had fun.