Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brotherly Love

Trent is such a great big brother. Devan just adores Trent. He smiles and giggles anytime Trent is around. Here is Trent and Devan watching Baby Einstein together in the bumbo chairs- too cute!


Here is a picture I took today on my phone. I just love her!

Pictures of the babies

Babies are doing well. They smile all the time now, it is so darn cute. Tatum rolled over from her back to her tummy yesterday (and she keeps doing it and it just makes her so mad)...I'm sure Devan will follow soon. Big brother Trent and Devan
Devan is just the jollious little guy..he's always so happy when you come in the room.

Is this the funniest picture you've ever seen? I love these bumbo chairs!! I need to post a video as they wobble around as they are sitting watching TV. They love the Backyardigans because of all the colors, Trent did too. They love Baby Einstein as well.

Gotta love the Backyardigans!

Pool fun with friends

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So proud of myself!!

So Trent is swimming today at my moms and I desperately need to go grocery shopping. Lately I've just been waiting for Justin to get home from work and then I go. It's late we end up eating out and the store is busy and a mess.

So with just the twins here today I felt adventurous....I went to Stater Bros. with just me and the twins. The funny thing is I barely went grocery shopping on my own with just Trent. I was always so afraid to venture out. Today i'm like "What was I thinking, oh the freedom I had."

So I fed both babies, changed them, pumped milk and off we went. Devan was asleep so he stayed in his car seat in the front of the cart and Tatum was awake so she got the baby backpack thing. I was only going to get a few things but they were so good, I did a full weeks worth of grocery shopping. Tatum fell asleep on me half way through shopping. I was so proud of myself. Amen!!

I've felt so trapped inside the house lately. I have taken the twins once to the mall but grocery shopping I thought would be too much. This is now just the beginning of many adventures.

Had to share.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trains, Trains, and more Trains

So anyone who knows Trent knows he is a train fanatic. At least 5 times per week Justin takes Trent to the train tracks by our house and they walk alongside the track and wait for trains. Trent calls the train 'Diesel.'

When Justin and Brandon were kids, their mom would take them to this train park in Riverside where they could ride miniture trains for free. The cool thing is it is still there. Every other Sunday I believe you can take your kids and ride these miniture trains- they only except donations. The pictures are actually from a few months ago when I was still pregnant but I thought it was cool enough to share.

Justin's mom Deanne and stepdad Jim took Trent over the weekend on a train from Oceanside to San Diego and back. Trent of course loved it! By the way, we shaved Trent's hair off and now he looks like he is 7 years old. My baby boy!!!

Daddy, T, Uncle Brandon & Aunt Kristin ( I took pictures because no pregnant riders)
Uncle Brandon, T and Daddy

T on the train to San Diego

Getting ready to board the train- how exciting!!
T with Daddy watching Diesel.

My twins are 12 weeks old!

The babies are doing so good and almost sleeping through the night- Thank you Kristal for recommending BabyWise (totally works). Here are some new pictures.

Things are looking up and we are starting to get some sleep.

Pool Fun

Late 4th of July Post

Sorry I've been MIA on my blog. Just been crazy busy. Here are some pictures from the Fourth. We spent the day at my parents' house.