Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pictures of the babies

Babies are doing well. They smile all the time now, it is so darn cute. Tatum rolled over from her back to her tummy yesterday (and she keeps doing it and it just makes her so mad)...I'm sure Devan will follow soon. Big brother Trent and Devan
Devan is just the jollious little guy..he's always so happy when you come in the room.

Is this the funniest picture you've ever seen? I love these bumbo chairs!! I need to post a video as they wobble around as they are sitting watching TV. They love the Backyardigans because of all the colors, Trent did too. They love Baby Einstein as well.

Gotta love the Backyardigans!

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  1. Cutest pictures ever! Devan's smile is gorgeous. ;)